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Beginners guide to using a JTAG

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1Beginners guide to using a JTAG Empty Beginners guide to using a JTAG on Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:49 am


Hello this is going to be my all in one tread on jtaging, you will find links to all the best guides and my own tutorials here on how to master some of the basics of jtaging.

So lets begin:

Our new jtag...
So you just built or purchased your jtag. When you first turn it on you wont notice anything really different unless you got it with XEXMenu pre-installed. To check, navigate over to Games Library and go onto game demos. If you see XEXMenu, XEX loader ect your all good. if not you will want it!

Installing XEXMenu

So, there are two possible ways of doing this. One is directly copying it to you stock xbox 360 HDD and the other is burning it to a disk and copying it over to you xbox's stock or custom HDD.

So lets begin:


Without DVD Method

-Xbins: Rapidshare
-xPort360: Rapidshare
-Data Transfer cable: UK, USA

With DVD Method

-Xbins and Imgburn: Rapidshare - Password L14M333
-DVD/CD and DVD/CD burner
-DVD drive in your jtag

Without DVD method:

With DVD method:

First off you want to extract the rar file (password L14M333) with xbins and imgburn in it to your desktop and run xbins.exe

Now you want to navigate to: Xbox 360>Dashboards> XEXMenu

Now you want to drag Xexmenu_v1.1-ISO.rar to the left window (by default it is your desktop)

Once its on your desktop you want to open the .rar up and extract the .iso to your desktop. Now load imgburn up and select Write image file to disk.

Now drag the .iso into the top left area of the program then click the write button at the bottom of the window

Now your disk should be burning

Once its burned take the disk and place it in your jtag xbox's disk tray

Now my Jtag no longer has a DVD tray so i cannot use my own pics so i am taking them from this video. If you too dont have a DVD drive Dont panic! just go to the next spoiler where my non DVD drive alternative is.

now select Play game

Then when the menu below loads press RB to move to the HDD

Then press X and select DVD on the right to move to the DVD directory

Now you can see the CODE999 folder

Press Y and select copy on the CODE999 Folder then move back to the HDD1 directory

Then move into Content> 0000000000000000 folder (if the 0000000000000000 folder isn't there make it (use 16 Zeros))

(my images again)

Then press Y and select paste, The XEX menu has now been copied to the directory,

you can now exit to the dashboard, remove the disk, then go to games library and you will see the XEXMenu 1.1 there to play, thats it, your done

You want to play game straight from the HDD? no disk? Then look at this! also my NXE2GOD tut will be on here soon so watch this space!

Extracting ISO's and putting them on your console

This is a tut for those who want to play games directly from your HDD there are other ways to do this for example NXE2GOD but in some cases (mine) it dont work. Another tut to using NXE2GOD is also in this post.

So lets begin:


-The ISO of the game you want: Rip it yourself or Here
-A method of transferring the Xbox game from your computer to you Xbox -a USB HDD 8GB+ (formatted at Fat-32)
-XboxImageBrowser: Rapidshare - Password L14M333
-XEXmenu installed on your JTAG - see this topic for tut on that.

First you need to open the XboxImageBrowser and locate the ModernWarfare2 ISO you downloaded or ripped (GOOGLE)

Now you will see the contents of the ISO (below), Right click the main file and click extract and extract the contents onto a 8GB or more HDD or USB drive (must be formatted to Fat32)

Once the contents has been extracted to your USB HDD you want to plug it into your xbox 360 and load up XEX menu

Once XEXMenu has loaded up press RB once to move over to the Xbox HDD file system then hit X and select USB0: (This is if you only have one USB device connetced)

Now locate the folder your extracted ModernWarfare2 Game is in and hit Y on it and select copy

Now hit X again and move back to HDD1:

Now hit Y again and select create and make a new directory called Games

Now go into this directory by selecting it and pressing A and then hitting Y again and selecting Paste (may take a few mins)

Now we must patch the .XEX files so go into the extracted files we just pasted and go down to default.xex and press Y on it and select PatchXex

Now the game is on your Xbox HDD and patched, next time you load up XEXmenu your game should have been detected and will be waiting for you to play.

You want free DLC? Thats game add-ons, XBLArcade games ect, look around this part!

How to install DLC on your console (maps ect not XBL Arcade games)

Hello, we will be installing the Modern Warfare 2 stimulus package on a jtag xbox 360. this will work for all DLC what has been downloaded from another XBL account.
It envolves transferring a license from your XBL account on the Jtag to the DLC (has different license) *your Jtag will need an XBL account on it but will NOT need to go on XBL just make sure it is unplugged when you sign in*

So lets get started!


A HEX editor: Rapidshare
YarisSwap: Rapidshare
DLC patcher: Rapidshare
The DLC you want: get it off a friend or use google
DLC you downloaded on your own XBL account (can be free)
A Jtaged xbox
The latest TU for the game your DLC is for (found in cache folder on xbox HDD (if game has the update)) - MW2 TU5: Rapidshare
A stock xbox (to download DLC from your profile)

Retrieving our license key

First off you want to open DLCPatcher.exe and click open file and locate the DLC what you own.

on the second line down you will see some numbers and letters (i hid half of mine). That is your license, its tied to your XBL account and the DLC needs that licence to work on your account so make a note of this as you will need it later.

Getting the DLC ready to put your key into

Now you need to Yaris Swap the DLC before you put your key into it, This may already be done if you downloaded it from the internet but to check load up the DLC in DLC patcher and it will look like this:

Now we need to get our DLC to look like like that so if it already does you can move onto the next spoiler, if it doesn't keep reading.

Open up YarisSwap.exe and locate the DLC you want

Then hit the "Hex mod - Yaris Swap" button (its hard to miss)

Now you have Yaris swapped the file, if you open it in DLC Patcher you will see the FFFF's

Hexing in your own license

Now we have to enter our own license what we found earlier into the DLC we want.
To do this we need to open our DLC in a hex editor

Now use Ctrl+F to start a search and key in:
ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff

make sure type is selected as Hex!

when you click find you should see something like this:
The parts of the HEX are color coded with the parts you saw in the DLC Patcher.

what you now want to do is replace the RED and YELLOWFFFFFFFF's with your license.
For example, if ,my license was a1 00 00 2e 9d 4e 00 e1 it would look like this:

Then you will click save and it should save within a couple of seconds.

If something like this appeared for a long period of time it means that you have added extra data not overwritten it so you should quit the HEX editor and load a fresh copy

Now, once you have successfully saved the file, if you open it up in DLC Patcher again you should see something like this where a100002e9d4e00e1 would be your license:

Putting the DLC on your console (Transfer cable method)

First off you want to load xPort 360 (Download), select your hdd and navigate to Partition 3> Content> 0000000000000000>

Now you need to copy the folder (correctly sorted and named (Should be but if not grab XBox Live DLC sorter (Download), run it, select the location of the DLC and it will correctly make the directory and names the DLC needs, you just have to copy the folder inside the Sorted folder to 000000000000000 on the Xbox HDD

Now you have the DLC on the HDD, you need to put the TU on the HDD with the game, Im not 100% sure where to get them from and where to put them for other games but for MW2 you need to place the Patch_mp.ff and the default_mp.xex into the extracted MW2 on your HDD (see this topicon how to extract your MW2 iso to your hdd)

Then you should be done!

How to correctly configure non OEM HDD's to work properly in xbox 360

You want a different dashboard? Then FreeStyle Dash 1.20 is what you want!

How to install FreeStyle Dash 1.20 to your JTAG

In this tutorial i will be showing you how to install Freesyle Dash version 1.2 on your jtag.

Here are the requirements:
- Xbins.exe - Rapidshare
- Xexmenu 1.1 installed
- Method of transferring data from PC - Xbox (Thumbdrive, ect)

Now to begin:

For those who need XexMenu1.1:

So, there are two possible ways of doing this. One is directly copying it to you stock xbox 360 HDD and the other is burning it to a disk and copying it over to you xbox's stock or custom HDD.

So lets begin:


Without DVD method:

With DVD method:

You want to play game straight from the HDD? no disk? Then look at this! also my NXE2GOD tut will be on here soon so watch this space!

Retrieving freestyle dash files:

Now we are ready, we need to download Freestyle dash from xbins so go ahead and load xbins up and on the right hand side navigate to: /XBOX 360/dashboards/Freestyle Dash/

You will see this:

now just drag "FreeStyle Dash 1.20.zip" to the left hand side (default Desktop)

Then you will have the file on your desktop. Open it and extract the contents to a folder like this:

Now we have the files, we need to put them on the xbox:

Now, we want to set up some folders on our USB thumb drive.
To make it easier installing we will set up the directory's on the thumb drive
on the xbox HDD we need to put the freestyle dash here: \Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\00007000\
we already have \Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\ for xex menu so on your thumb drive make a new directory called 00007000.

Now you need to copy the contents of the folder "FreeStyle" what is in the Freestyle Dask 1.20.zip you downloaded earlier into that "00007000" folder on your thumb drive

Now we need to plug this into our xbox, and load xex menu (sorry cba to get capture card out so its just phone camera)

Now once it is open, press RB to switch to file browser

Now press X and select the storage device the files are on from the list on the right:

Now highlight the 00007000 folder and press y on it

Hit copy then press X then select HDD1:

Then navigate to: Content\000000000000000\CODE999\, Hit Y then press Paste.

wait for the copy to finish

Then go into that folder and click on the FreestyleDash.xex

And there you go:

(alternitivly you can copy them files to where you want but the above location is going on what the instructions.txt says)

That's it, you're done, Have fun and if it helped +Rep and any questions please ask them here.



If you found this healpful please leave + rep and im not 100% sure what to add to it so if you have found a really useful and detailed tut please leave me the link and i will add it or please leave me ideas of tuts to add.

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