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How to Mod Achievements Using Le Fluffie

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1How to Mod Achievements Using Le Fluffie Empty How to Mod Achievements Using Le Fluffie on Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:43 am


Due to the last Update of this program, you no longer have to hit right click each game and click 'View GPD info' you can now just click each game then the achievements tab.

In this tutorial you will Learn to Mod Achievements Using Le Fluffie, an Open Source Program Made by DJ Shepherd. For Updates on what he's working on (and where to find his other tools) visit his website Here

For a Simple Direct Download, click Here (The app has an Auto-Update Feature)

First you must Launch Le Fluffie (I always back up my profile, you may want to make a copy of it somewhere as well)

Next, in the top right corner it says 'File' click file and in the drop box click 'Open a File' (In the Red Box) then select the profile you'd like to mod the achievements out of.

Once you've opened your profile, click the 'Profile' (In the Red Box) Tab.

Now once in the profile tab you'll see some options, and information about your profile. I'll list what the Boxes are according to the color with which their made.

Gold: Xbox Live Motto

Green: Xbox Live Location

Cyan : Xbox Live Bio

Red: Played Games

Blue: Xbox Live Name

Purple: Xbox Live Rep

Now to view the achivements for a game, Right click the game title you'd like to Mod achievements for, and click 'Load in Viewer' (In the Red Box) (You no longer need to do this step just click the game you'd like to mod then click the 'Achievements' tab.)

Now to view the achievements for the game you just loaded in the viewer, click the 'Achievements' tab (In the Red Box)

In the red box is the window that shows all the achievements out of the game on your profile, simple click the one you'd like to Mod, and in the Green Box is the drop box you click to either unlock offline, online, or set an achievement to not unlocked.

In the Red box in this pic, is the 'Save Achievement' Button, after selectiong whether and achievement in unlocked or not, click 'Save Achievement' so it saves that you set that achievement to be Unlocked. In the Green Box in this is where you set when the date, the purple box is the exact time.

To save achievement changes made on the profile, click the 'Save to Profile Save Dash GPD to Profile' (in the Blue Box) In the Red box is what picture appears over unlocked achievements.

To Rehash and Resign the profile (Fix it) Click the Security tab (Red Box)

Once in the Secutity tab, click 'Fix' (Red Box)

You may want to open your profile in Modio and just hit rehash and resign after all these steps. Fixes the profile breaking when loading up a game issue.

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