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Guide to Boosting Halo: Reach

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1Guide to Boosting Halo: Reach Empty Guide to Boosting Halo: Reach on Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:48 am


Thoughts Guide to Boosting Halo: Reach
(brought to you by Halo: Reach's #1 Booster)


What you may do:

• Campaign Glitches (for Commendations) - ALLOWED
This includes Target Locator, Flawless Cowboy, LASO game saves (such as Showtime Jesse's), and anything else you can think of. I'd recommend using the target locator first off on a new account.
• Time Zone Glitch - ALLOWED
After you've hit the credit limit (120,000 cR per day) but would still like to play and earn credits, then this is for you. Dashboard and change your time zone forward enough until the your xbox thinks the next day has begun (past 1:00am). You can then begin to earn credits for next day, once you're finished playing, be sure to change the clock back to your normal time zone.
• Matchmaking Boost - ALLOWED/undetected
As long as every controller in the game gets 1 kill. If not, you will get banned.
• Semi-AFK Firefight - ALLOWED/undetected
You can still manually AFK firefight ban-free provided you earn 1,500 - 3,000 points per game (about 10-20 kills).

What you may NOT do:

• Challenge Reset - NOT ALLOWED
You will get anywhere from a 2 week cR ban or a reset for this. The automated system they have for challenge resetting bans is a 2 week ban, however if something slips by it and goes undetected for a while, such as Showtime Jesse's weekly LASO challenge resetting ordeal, they'll throw together a ban wave and reset everyone involved at the time.
• AFK Firefight - NOT ALLOWED
aka using a turbo controller or starting up games of firefight and only getting a few kills. Anyone who's ever AFK'd firefight before got a 2 week cR ban and a reset. Read THIS & THIS for more info.
• Brag on Bungie.net - NOT ALLOWED
Just poking a bit of fun at myself, lol. But yeah, don't brag about boosting on the Bungie forums.

How to Rank Up Quickly/Efficiently:

For those who are interested, this is how you rank up the quickest in Halo: Reach.

• LOW Ranks
Recruit - Brigadier Grade 3 (0 - 1,760,000 cR) Approx.

Grifball Boosting:
Single Xbox Method:
- You can earn 5,000 - 7,000 cR (depending on your game completion credits) and 200-250 kills per game.
- Get four friends together, two controllers each. Get into a lobby together and search Grifball with all 8 controllers, one main account and one guest each. At the start of each game make sure each guest account gets a kill to avoid the banhammer. Then run to the opposite side of the map with your main account, and watch one side of the spawn zone, have your teammate watch the other. Spawn kill to your heart's content. I'd recommend using the sword because you get 22 cR per kill as opposed to 17 cR per kill with the hammer.
Double Xbox Method:
- You can earn 10,000 - 12,000 cR (depending on your game completion credits) and 400-450 kills per game.
- If you happen to own two xboxes, two gold accounts, four controllers, two copies of Reach, and can find someone else who does, then this method is for you.
- Have both xboxes switch their languages to some Japanese one, then get the two main accounts + their guests in a lobby together, and then the two 'throw away' accounts + their guests in a lobby together. Select the second option in matchmaking preferences (the language filter), then have both xboxes search Grifball at the same time. At the start of each game make sure all the guests accounts and both throw away accounts get at least one kill. After that, have you and your friend each pick a side at the opposing team's spawn zone and kill to your heart's content. I'd recommend using the sword because you get 22 cR per kill as opposed to 17 cR per kill with the hammer.

• HIGH Ranks
General - Inheritor (2,000,000 - 20,000,000 cR) Approx.

Play Firefight:
- Do not AFK, actually play. As you get to higher and higher ranks it starts to become worth your while to just play through the games because of the nice junks of credits you'll earn from game completion. More-so worth it at the higher end of the spectrum.
Boost Matchmaking:
- Feel free to continue to boost matchmaking to hit credit cap even sooner.

(Note: Achieving Onyx Max for a commendation does NOT increase your completion percentage, it only looks cool)


• I3utteRzZ made a great tutorial on how to boost every campaign commendation, use it.
Link: Campaign Commendation Guide
• If manually boosting isn't for you, here's an alternative guide on how to AFK nearly every commendation.
Link: Campaign Commendation Guide - AFK
(Note: You will be using tape/rubber bands to do this. Wired controller/Play-N-Charge Kit required. Demon and Flawless Cowboy Commendations not included)


Technically you can't "boost" your firefight commendations. All of these have to come from hard work, and countless hours of playing every day. However, there are specific gametypes you can play repeatedly to do each one. Here's some ideas on how to do every firefight commendation.
Link: Firefight Commendation Guide

I can't vouch for all the ideas in that link, but personally I'll be highlighting a few commendations that aren't so obvious to your every day player, these are as follows:

• Riflin' Through -
Search Score Attack and play 2X Score Attack, and just use the AR. Alternatively you can play Firefight Arcade and select FRGfight, then sign in a guest and perform the language trick so you don't find any randoms. (LAGGING YOURSELF OUT OF GAMES IS BANNABLE NOW)
• Vehicular -
Search Score Attack and pick a game variant and Beachhead. Then park the Rocket Hog in THIS location, and fire at the enemies. They'll funnel down towards you from around the map. It may seem slow, but it is the best way. Alternatively, you can play a Score Attack variant on Holdout and use any of the human turrets, which also count towards Vehicular.
• Backup -
For this one it's best search with a friend, who can help you finish off your kills. Perhaps each signing in a guest then search Firefight Arcade to guarantee it's only the two of you in the game, or doing the language trick so that you don't find a random. Then for example you could spam a few plasma pistol shots (single bullets, not overcharged) to weaken grunts and such, and when the mythic skull is turned on for the 2nd and 3rd waves a beatdown on a grunt/jackal/skirmisher will make them weak enough for an assist if your teammate cleans up the kill. Alternatively you could just search by yourself in Firefight Arcade and hope someone will clean up your kills... but yeah, good luck with that.
• Perfectionist -
The best way to do this is get a party of four together and search Firefight Arcade and wreck everything. If you and your friends play smart you can spawn kill the enemies without dying on EVERY map within 5-10min. Preferably you'd want to play either Rocketfight or FRGfight, these game variants make the games go by the fastest. If you only happen to have three friends with, sign in a guest account and use that to play while hiding your main to guarantee the perfections. It's always better than finding a random who will either a. suck, or b. be AFK. Alternatively, you can AFK firefight and hide a bunch... but that's not practical.
• Grounded -
There are a few ways to go about doing this one.
- Firefight Doubles: Play firefight doubles with a guest account signed in, vote for Arcadefight on Beachhead. Use your guest account and get 3,000-5,000 points with it to avoid the AFK ban hammer (then you can hide him in that rock), then use your main account for the rest of the game to blow up all the vehicles. You will average 6 a game, 18 an hour (a VERY good rate).
- Firefight Limited: I have a few friends that have had success in Firefight Limited, voting for Beachhead or Unearthed, then working together with some buddies to clear the map who then let them kill the vehicle or two that spawns every round. The best way to kill a ghost is with a rocket after EMP'ing it with a plasma pistol to make it an easy target, shoot head on. The best way to kill a wraith is by jumping on it then planting a nade. You'll have to play around with it and find what works best for you if you really have your heart set on getting onyx for this one. No one said getting 100% commendation was a walk in the park, that's for sure.
- Firefight Arcade: Alternatively if you're not so stressed about it you can just take out the few Banshees that show up once per wave on Holdout in Firefight Arcade. I'd recommend killing it with either a sniper or using one of the turrets on the map.

(Note: If desired, other playlists may be used to supplement this, but Invasion is without a doubt the best thing to do)

• Playlist: Invasion - Invasion can be used to boost every commendation, so why do anything else? What's also nice about invasion is the fact that each controller has a 'spawn buddy,' now these spawn buddies have default spawns on the map which only change after you capture the territory for the next round. Aside from that, you can kill them as many times as you want and they'll keep spawning in the same place over and over again.
• How to: 3-4 players, 3-4 controllers each (12 controllers total).
- First, make sure that one person in your party deletes all the map packs from their harddrive, this is to insure you get Invasion on Spire every time. This is the only map/game variant you want to play.
- If using 4 people (3 controllers each) you'll need to do the following: (Note: If using 3 people, 4 controllers each, skip this step)
Have one person start a new lobby by them self (with no guests signed in), and one by one invite the other members to the game (no guests). Then taking turns in the order that you joined, each person will sign in their guests (starting with the party leader). Doing this insures that all the guests get paired up with other guests in game. You don't want to have a main account and a guest paired together, otherwise each player won't have their own group of guests to kill.
- At the start of the game, make sure all the guests gets a kill before you start spawn killing. Each controller needs 1 kill per game, not every round. Now you're all set to begin spawn killing for the rest of the game, enjoy. Also, be sure you capture the territory at the end of each round so that the game continues.
• You're smart enough to find each of the different weapons on the map and such. I have faith that I don't need to layout each individual commendation for you. Besides, that'd take too long.

The Banhammer:
(Note: All bans are simply credit bans, no one has yet to receive an actual ban from playing matchmaking, nor has anyone been permanently credit banned)

• 24hrs - The first ban for incorrectly AFK'ing firefight or Matchmaking boosting.
Message displayed: "You have been temporarily banned from earning credits."
• 1 week - The second ban for incorrectly AFK'ing firefight or Matchmaking boosting. (Note: This may also be your ban for the third, fourth, etc... bans as well).
Message displayed: "You have been temporarily banned from earning credits."
• 2 week - The first ban for challenge resetting. You may also incur a 2 week ban after multiple infractions of AFK'ing firefight of boosting matchmaking incorrectly.
Message displayed: "You have been temporarily banned from earning credits for 2 weeks."
• 1 month - This amazing status can only be achieved after multiple infractions, perhaps defying fate and challenge resetting twice? There's no exact science as to how many offenses will earn you a 1 month ban.
Message displayed: "You have been temporarily banned from earning credits for 1 month."
• Reset - Received for either challenge resetting or royally pissing off Bungie. This means that you lose your rank and have to start over at recruit. Yes you lose all armor purchased in the armory, no your commendations are not reset, only your rank. Resets are either be accompanied by a 2 week credit ban, or a 1 month credit ban.
There is no message displayed telling you that you've been reset, it just happens. If the credit ban associated with the reset is for 2 weeks, you will get the 2 week credit ban message. However, if your ban is for 1 month, it will simply give the generic message, "You have been temporarily banned from earning credits."

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