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1WHY BUY GOLD? Empty WHY BUY GOLD? on Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:33 am

Gold = Premium

New To Premium ?

Welcome to my post, This thread is based on all you guys and girls out there are new to premium or struggling to understand it all. In this short post i will be explaining all the Different Forums, and Sub-forums, to hopefully make your stay in premium much better than Expected.

Premium Discussion

This thread is easy to understand as it is in the name. But anyway this is where you go to discuss things. So say you had a problem or question, i would recommend posting it in there as it would be in the right section. The premium discussion thread has many thing posted in there daily, whether its welcome posts, help posts, or other things worth discussing.

Premium Downloads

Well this can be the obvious type of section, where you go and download many things. The downloads have no limits. you couldn't find anything you have ever wanted in this section. And is a warez downloaders heaven. It has 6 Sub-sections which i will explain.

Movies & TV Shows

In this thread you could find all different Movies ranging from Soon to be released to really old Movies. So you have unlimited options on something to watch, And this section consists of TV-Shows, meaning you could download your favourite TV-Shows, Some have the Full collection, others just different episodes.


This section would be ideal if you were a music lover or not. You can go into here listen to the latest tracks and albums out, and even download them. Find your favourite Artists or single songs. Its up to you. This music section is just great to be in. Unlimited choices of different Genres it is really a section with a beat - ( Funny Joke >:] .)


The Applications thread is the top of my list, in here you get amazing downloads to the top programmes. In this section you could find downloads to anything such as "Microsoft Office 2010" to "Adobe Photoshop CS5 Master Collection." But now your probably thinking, "Yeah but its the trial," you are wrong, in here most of the Applications posted are either Pre-Activated, Have a Serial Number with them Or even have a cracking tool To unlock it and use it for ever. This section holds programmes for Windows & Mac users so you are spoiled for choices.

Video Games

Well, Video games are the next best thing these days so why not have a section dedicated to them? In here you can find downloads to all types of video games, For many platforums and Computers such as.

And Others

So in my mind this section is a gamers heaven. We also have most of the latest games getting posted in here. Or even games that are due for release.

Other Premium Downloads

This section consists of many different things. In here you can find a bunch of different things to help you with various things. In here you could find these types of downloads.

Non-windows Downloads
FTP Servers
And More

As you can see you have many options of thing to download in there. You may not be interested in the downloads in this section but i assure you others are.

Premium Trash

This is not a downloads section but this is where all the downloads go that have Dead Links. So say if you posted a movie, and the links died it would be put into this section, then to restore it you must get new links for it then report the post and include the new links and then it will get moved back to the designated area.

Premium Requests

This is the section i spend most of my time. I fill out requests. So as you may gather in this section if you cant find something you want or need something, you make a topic in here and myself & The other amazing members that also spend a lot of their time in this section will help you out to the best of out abilities, and get you guys what you need and as soon as possible.

Fulfilled Requests

This is a Sub-section in the requests section, and no one posts in here, your topic simply gets locked and moved to there after you confirm that the warez you have received is what you wanted and working.

Premium Xbox & Xbox 360

As you can gather by the title this is the Xbox & Xbox360 section. In here you can find a lot of thing xbox related. Such as,

Xbox Games
Xbox360 Games
Downloadable Content
Mod Tools
And many More

Premium PlayStation

Well this section is exactly the same as the above xbox section, but it is for Playstation instead. This is a newly added forum so it is not as popular as the others, but is gradually climbing its way up the ladders to be a great section.

Premium Other

In this forum is everything else not listed in the above forums. In here you could find many many different things. Infact you are spoiled for choice once again. You can even get you self some nice GFX work done in this section. This section consists of quite a few things. And they are,

Beta Invites
Premium Tutorials
And Plenty More

Premium {in} Security

This is a sub-section for premium other, and in this sub-section comes very handy things. For example you could learn how to crack premium accounts for your self. And even learn how to do other stuff. You could download premium only programmes for example a Host booter has just been released for FREE To premium members only thanks to The XBL Virus. Also an Email & SMS Bomber has been released by Calamity. I really like this sub-section and im sure you will to.

Premium Sneak Peeks

Well basically this section is the sneaky peaky section, it has not been used for awhile but everyone is expecting something special in the next few months, In this section premiums get the first look at new things that are going to happen for this site such as, Important updates, new skins and more.

Well i hope you are starting to understand what premium is all about. I hope now you find it a better place to be as it is more understanding. I would like to give a big big thanks to everyone that makes this section what it is today. Thanks you guys.

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