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Black ops Modding: Rules

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1Black ops Modding: Rules Empty Black ops Modding: Rules on Thu Sep 29, 2011 2:29 am


Please report anything that is in the wrong section to help keep everything nice and tidy!
Thanks, Staff.

Rule 1. No modded lobby or I've been banned threads
These types of threads are no longer allowed to be posted.

Modded Lobbies - There is a topic for a reason. If you are hosting post here.... DO NOT make your own.

Banned Threads - These are also not allowed anymore. They do not belong in this section. This includes any thread asking why you were banned, how long your ban is, or anything else having to do with a ban.

Post modded lobbies here - Black Ops Modding

Post about your ban in Black Ops General Discussion

If you violate this rule you will receive an infraction and can have your posting privilege taken away for a certain amount of time.

MY NOTE: I don't care if you've been banned. You were banned for a reason obviously. Treyarch isn't "gay" or "stupid" for wanting to keep your modding off their servers. You shouldn't even be modding online anyway...

Rule 2. No posting of the ISO or files contained in the ISO
The ISO and the files contained in it are warez, illegal, and are not allowed here. Title Updates and the files contained in them are not warez and are allowed here however. Here is a list of files that are not allowed here. Please note that any file contained in these files is also not allowed.

That is not a complete list of the files you may not post, just the most common posted.

Rule 3. Read This Before Posting ANYTHING About GPD Mods
1. They are patched. Currently there is no way around it. If you have found some magical way around the patch, TEST IT FIRST. Test ALOT and make sure it works before you post it! Don't make a thread that says "100% working bypass, untested"...
2. We know that it is patched. You don't need to remind the noobs that it is. I've seen too many threads stating that it's currently impossible. We know.

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