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Xbox 360 Discussion Rules/Guidlines

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1Xbox 360 Discussion Rules/Guidlines Empty Xbox 360 Discussion Rules/Guidlines on Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:29 am


These are the updated rules for Xbox 360 Discussion, you are expected to read, understand and follow these rules along with the general site Rules.

This Section is for Xbox 360 Discussion ONLY.
This is a discussion section about the Xbox 360 and general things involving it such as addons, dashboards, etc..
Don't forget to read the pinned threads in this section. Failure to read pinned threads, including these rules, will result in an infraction if one of these rules is broken. Posting something that has been pinned is considered spam and will result in an infraction.

This IS NOT a Support Section! If you have a problem post in Support section.

The following will not be tolerated with and will be deleted upon posting and include a hefty infraction. (These are not allowed anywhere on the site.)
- Selling Accounts
- Selling MSP
- Selling Anything virtual in this selection, if you have something to sell please take your business to the Buy Sell Trade Forum. **Members in the "Novice" usergroup cannot see these forums**
That being said if you choose to sell in the B/S/T section be sure you follow the rules of it.
- Advertising Websites
- Recruiting/ Advertising for a Clan should be made in the proper section:
* Other 360 Matches
* Halo 3 Matches
* Mw2 Boosting and Matches
* Halo Reach Boosting and Matches
* CoD Black Ops Boosting and Matches
If you do recruit for your clan and your clan has a website you may NOT Advertise it here.

-We do not care about your ban or suspension.
It happens to people everyday and yours is no different.
Please don't post here saying "I GOT BANNED AND I DON'T KNOW WHY"
This is a modding, glitching, and cheating website. We know why you got banned most likely.

- The "Be Nice Policy" is enforced in all areas of this website, got a problem with another member? Take it to a private conversation or off the site!
Posts like "GTFO Leech" or "Wow kid your retarded" will be deleted. There are a number of rep givers and staff who are constantly on the forums who will more than gladly subtract from your rep total. Think wisely before breaking this rule.

- Warez will not be permitted here, this includes but is not limited to: ISO's, Game Rips, Illegal programs and Apps.

- If you find some amazing news about a GAME feel free to tell about it in the certain Game.

- No more posting of "File a complain on my gamertag" threads. These will result in an infraction. It doesn't work, you will be suspended on XBL for it, and it is considered spam on the forums.

- No Gamertag threads, regardless of content. If you want to ask if your tag is OG, brag about it, etc, post here. This includes "Help me choose a gamertag". If you really want a new gamertag, then ask a few people via AIM.

- Any copyrighted information, files, etc (including Xbox 360 NANDs) are considered illegal.

Thank you for reading these rules. Happy posting!

-Xbox 360 Discussion

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